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Page history last edited by Lani 13 years, 5 months ago

(preson one working onthe computer,while person 2 enters)



person 2: what are you doing?


peson 1: Blogging


person 2: blogging?


person 1: yeah blogging.


person 2: what is Blogging?


person 1: blogging is when you write posts and other people comment you back, but it is not just that there is more to blogging. In a post you can put your thoughts,You can put pictures too, also you don't have to write every thing the way it is spelled, like writing the word tale you can write it tail, T-A-I-L.


person 2: Ohhh. tell me more.


person 1: Well, blogging can help you alot in writing. You might not see it at first but then you'll notice it.  



Comment:  Hi Mia, This is a great beginning!  Are you person 1?  Who are you talking to or does it matter?  I am really looking forward to watching you develop this even more!  Best, Lani

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