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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago
Yoshi’s special day
It was the first day of Yoshi School and I had shined my skin so it looked so white it looked silver.
But there was a new teacher and he was human and his name was M.V me and  my best Yoshi pal Michael were talking with each other and our teacher said “today we will study Yoshi's main life cycle".  We all agreed and started to fall asleep and it was a test so I slept as hard as I could so I could pass the test. I slept so hard he said "He picked 10 students to become future assistants of the blogging class and the science class and he picked me and Michael as the few". Now being picked to be an assistant of our blogging and science class but it is hard you have to go through the assistant's games. The game uses egg tosses, Boshi kicking, cow tipping, fly shooting, and making eggs. Yoshi yoshi is all you could see or hear people taking test people throwing eggs and allot of boshi killing. although sleeping is a test the biggest yoshi was failing he seemed to not have any warm milk. "AHHHHHHHH"
Comment: Hi Johnny,  Wow, weaving your love of Yoshis into your blogging project sounds great!  I'm curious, why is sleeping hard part of the test?  I can't wait to hear what is involved for you to become the future blogging assistant!  Will the tosses, kicking, tipping, shooting and making all have something to do with blogging?  Best,, Lani  
Dear lani thanks for commenting to my wiki it is my first. Lani I can not tell you anything about it you have to find out at the end of the year

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